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Royal Arms of Green Hills Reviews

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"Lived here for over 3 years during law school and loved it. Can’t beat the price and location. The buildings are older, but they have been kept up and renovated. The office and maintenance were always great. I definitely recommend!"

- October 2020 by Hailey

"I moved in last year and have loved every second of living here! The staff are friendly and on top of things! If we ever put in a request it's addressed the next day! I love it here!"

- June 2019 by TJ Massey

"I lived in Royal Arms for 3 years after graduating from college. Cheap rent, 2 pools, a small gym area AND in Green Hills?! — you simply cannot beat it. To top it off, their management team is simply the best. If you ever have any issues in your apartment, they are always sure to send someone out right away. It’s a cute little community. Sure, the apartments are a little older, but I think they look adorable. I recommend RA to all my friends who want to live close to the city, but can’t afford t"

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- April 2018 by Brooke

"Love Royal Arms! The staff is extremely helpful and kind and this staff is on point. Great neighbors, great people, great living. Move here if you're a dreamer and need a place to truly live."

- September 2017 by Colin

"What I really like about Royal Arms is that their management (Deena is the property manager) is absolutely ruthless when it comes to maintenance requests. If I send them an Email it is normal for them to have a maintenance man there in a couple of hours. Another thing I like is that they take good care of their property, they are always changing this or changing that trying to make things different and better. Put your names on the waitlist for this place y'all! It's worth it."

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- June 2016 by Mark S.

"I've been living here since the 2010 Nashville flood. I've never looked for a different place to live and can't see myself leaving unless it's because I'm buying a house. Staff has always been wonderful for me to deal with and maintenance crew has definitely gone above and beyond for me. Price is good, two pools, young crowd I fit in with and convenient location."

- May 2016 by M. Hagler

"Love living here. Beautiful grounds, pools, grills, volleyball court, laundry, and work-out room. Office quickly responds to any maintenance request, even on the weekends. Rent is very reasonable and we are zoned for excellent schools."

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- April 2016 by

"I highly recommend this apt complex. Staff is super friendly and maintenance crew is really good. I've lived in several apartments and this is one of the best. They are very responsive to our needs and when there is a maintenance problem, it's fixed the first time. Last place I lived, it took 15 times to fix a problem. Great place to live."

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- February 2016 by ccavanah

"Lived at Royal Arms from 2011-2012. Wanted to stop in and leave a review. For the price and for the location, YES YES YES. I loved walking to Trader Joes, and being so close to 12th South and Hillsboro without paying ridiculous costs. The apartments are pretty bare bones, but we're young, and made it work. The pools were great to have. Yes, there are lots of college students that live here. But we somehow ended up living in a very quiet peaceful building and I loved my time here"

- December 2015 by queenabz

"It feels like home away from home. This complex has more to offer than just any complex. Its affordable, fun, and the location is golden."

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- July 2014 by Allison P

"I love Royal Arms. After 25 years. Convenient. Excellent maintainance staff. Same for office staff though there used to be problems."

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- October 2013 by Jesse V
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